Whats on in Brighton and Hove

What’s on in Brighton and Hove

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Things to do in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove is a beautiful place with things to do for everyone! With their welcoming atmosphere, and having so much to do and discover, you’ll be guaranteed to find plenty of things to do to keep you and your family entertained. From Brighton Pier to Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, there’s plenty to do for all types of people of all ages. If you’re looking to stay for more than one or two days in Brighton and Hove, there are many different beautiful choices of accommodation to choose from. Also to offer are some stunning historical sights such as the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Toy and Model Museum- so whether you’re looking for a fun and entertaining get away, or a calm and relaxed experience here, Brighton really does have it all!

Brighton and Hove Shopping

In Brighton and Hove, you’ll be seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to finding places to shop! With our large shopping centres and grocery stores, there’s nothing you won’t find here! You’ll find shops like; Toy shops, clothes shops, brand named shops, gift shops, travel agents, hairdressers, the list is just endless! You really won’t be disappointed with your shopping experience here in Brighton and Hove, with such variety of shops, services and entertainment, you and your family will be guaranteed satisfactory. Check out our ‘Shops’ category and explore our variety of exciting options- don’t miss out!

Eating Out in Brighton and Hove

In Brighton you really won’t struggle to find you and your family a delicious place to eat that suits all appetites. Brighton and Hove have a kind variety of restaurants and cafes’, serving some mouth-watering meals! Whether you’re visiting Brighton and Hove on your own, with a friend or family or as a couple, there’s something for everyone here when it comes to eating out. Not only are there different restaurants, cafes and takeaways to choose from, but also to offer are your local traditional pubs serving you scrumptious traditional dishes. Take a visit onto our ‘Eating Out’ category for more information.